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With a career background in the homebuilding and commercial real estate industry, Lee Bothell, owner of Bright Guide Photography, has an unparalleled ability to not only know what buyers are looking for, but what people want to see.

Photography has always been a passion and hobby of Lee's, and since moving to Beaufort, it has become a professional endeavor. The transition from personal to real estate photography was an easy one - especially with her detailed eye for real estate industry wants and needs.

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An industry native who also happens to be a photographer.

Lee is a creative problem solver with a strong business background who is able to zone in on the goals of her clients and take photography that will help capture their intended message.


Not only is Lee easy to work with, but she's also an excellent communicator. She always meets (and often exceeds) expectations by being both on time and on budget.

When she's not out photographing a new project, Lee enjoys spending time gardening, hitting the links with her husband, taking long walks with her dogs, catching a Low Country sunset with her daughter, and visiting grand children.

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