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Matterport is the Key to Competing Offers and Getting Sellers the Most for Their Home

For the 12-month period spanning December 2019 through November 2020, pending sales in the Beaufort region were up 25.2% overall. The price range with the largest gain in sales was the $300,000+ range, where they increased 52.6%, according to Beaufort-Jasper County Realtors (BJCR) Housing Supply Overview for November 2020.

As a listing Realtor®, how can you set yourself apart in a strong sellers market? How can you position yourself above your competition and cast the widest net for in-town and out-of-town buyers? Timing has a lot to do with it, and you can decrease time and increase your potential for competing offers with Matterport.

Matterport provides not just a slideshow but a virtual walk-through where buyers are able to get a sense of the flow of the home. Usually two to three minutes in length, the slide show can virtually put a buyer inside the residence. Additionally, the viewer can pause the slideshow for a closer look at a room or re-play it as many times as they want.

It’s wonderful to view beautiful, edited photos with exceptional staging, but that doesn’t show the buyer where the living space is compared to the bedrooms. It doesn’t show how functional the rear entry is relative to the kitchen. With Matterport technology, potential buyers can view the 3D floorplan from top down in a doll house view. From this view, they can zoom into a space for a 360 view of the room from their computer.

Beyond the inside walls of the home, Matterport technology allows you to take 360 views of the exterior so that viewers can really experience the yard and get a feel of the neighborhood.

For those who really want the details, the measuring tool can be used for each space to determine if specific furniture will fit. For example, will a king bed fit between the windows in the guest room? You’ll be able to determine that with Matterport!

In a competitive market, scheduling a showing as the Buyer’s Agent does not guarantee that the home won’t sell before you get there. With Matterport virtual tours, your buyers view your recommended listings on their phone or computer in less than an hour. For buyers and Realtors®, narrowing down the showings for the top choices saves precious time. And in this market, time is of the essence.

With this technology, buyers can comfortably make an offer even though they have not physically walked through the home. This has been a game changer for many of our clients. Plus, with just over a two month supply in the market, according to BJCR November Market Report, time is critically important for making an offer that will put your buyer in the running.


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